We understand that your free time is really important to you. Whether it is time spent alone, or time with friends and family. We want to help you feel good, look good and make the most of these moments. Understanding and appreciating the value of free time is what we call…

Feel good living wordsOur brand mission is to design products to enhance these valuable moments.

The philosophy of Bresciani 1970 is basically based on two words: quality and comfort. All of our collections are developed following these two guiding principles. It all starts with the selection of the best and exclusive raw materials available on the market, which takes place through continuous research and experimentation. The production is developed with “old-fashioned” methods, supported by the best and most up-to-date technology. 12 manual steps finish and pack the product carefully, making each piece unique.


At Inata, we believe in the exceptional qualities of the rare fiber of the Alpaca, and in the know-how developed by artisans to create superior quality products. We unite the best Peruvian weaving skills with the best yarns creating our exceptional collection of decorative textiles for scarves as well as home interior items like throws, fur pillows, and luxurious carpets. 

Takaokaya is a family-owned Kyoto-Japan based company that have been producing handcrafted traditional Japanese cushions and futon beddings since 1919. Our stylish and high-quality range of products is designed to be able to harmonize with any living space. We are advocates of the Kutsurogi lifestyle, meaning “to relax” or “to feel at home.” 

Our cloth is printed using traditional hand screen printing methods, along with more modern digital inkjet printing technology. This allows us to offer a wide variation of completely British manufactured products. We are one of the only remaining producers offering true Madder silks; a cloth rich in neckwear folk law.

You will only find the high-quality materials in our workshops, as each accessory – from ties, pocket squares, cravats, scarves & bow ties are made with intention to every detail. This unique level of ownership and control over all aspects of manufacturing continues to define our craftsmanship as it has done for generations.

An ARNAU shirt is more than meets the eye – though what meets the eye is stunning. Whether it’s the way a sleeve’s pattern aligns perfectly at the seam or the subtle but memorable detailing under the collar, each shirt is a collection of design elements that reveal themselves with each successive look.